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Paul Meehan

To whom it may concern ;

I have now been working with all the team at Second Home Turkey for over 5 years, after branching out into buying a second home and later into property development in Turkey. This really follows on from being involved in the UK and Spanish market for 15 years.

In 15 years, I have experienced all the ups and downs that houses and property can throw at you, and met some great people and unfortunately some not so great people and companies. The reason I am still involved in Turkey is simply down the effort and attention that Purlen, Elif & Sonmez have applied in the past 5 years meeting some of my difficult requests.   Like anyone buying outside their own country for the first time, whether it is a dream second home, or for investment - you really are taking a  leap of faith . You may not understand the property law, pricing approach or even where to buy or not to buy - so finding someone you can really trust to advise you, is the most important step you can take. Just to add to this, many real estate companies I have met, are of course very friendly when it comes to the initial visits, meetings and tours, all the way to the date you sign the contract - but it is at this point when you really need the service and trust (the aftersales bit) - and this is where Second Home Turkey really impressed me, while others let me down.  

Living in the UK and not having the luxury of being able to just drop everything in my business to  pop  across to Turkey, I need not just a real estate company, but a partner in Turkey. So having the support mechanism that the team offer me from initial selection of the property that meets my needs, to viewing (physical or remotely), through purchase, translation, legal and conveyancing is critical. In the age of low cost airlines, cheap internet deals and ebay; you often forget how important good service is.   Next time you have terrible service in a restaurant or at an airport; just think how re-assuring it is when things go smoothly and you can actually talk to somebody knowledgeable, who can solve your problem. This for me, sums up the service I enjoy working with the Second Home Turkey team.  Understanding, knowledgeable and giving you the valuable time you need to talk through your ideas, fears and concerns. Good service - you cant knock it!!   If you haven t yet visited Kemer/Antalya and this region of Turkey, you are also in for a treat. Its natural beauty is stunning - with mountains, streams, forests and of course the beaches and sea.

There s no sign of the region becoming another  High rise hell and even in the past 5 years with more people looking to settle down with a second home - it still keeps its natural charm.   So if your thinking of taking a look at this beautiful area - whether for your dream second home, or even for investment, I would not hesitate to recommend the team at Second Home Turkey. If a new home in this beautiful region of the world isn t for you, well at least Sonmez knows some great restaurants!!
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