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Peter Harrison


I would like to thank you, Sonmez, and the incredible team at Second Home Turkey, for the service provided during the search and purchase of our new home in Kemer. It seems strange that through the purchase of a home such a wonderful friendship should materialize; and for this too I thank you. Your exceptional kindness and hospitality shown to me and my family are seldom seen in today's world. You and your team are a wonderful example and a true reflection of your beautiful country, hospitable people and wonderful culture.

Upon our first trip to Kemer we were attracted to the incredible beauty of this region and the kindness shown to me and my children. It was these wonderful characteristics that drew us to Kemer and the dream home you helped us find. Our home in Beycik is a place of rest and relaxation and in today's busy world this is indeed hard to find. Every time I sit on the veranda and watch the colours of the mountains change with the setting sun I thank you.

During the process of purchasing such an incredible home I came to be fully dependant on your guidance, wisdom, honest opinion and foresight. It was obvious from the beginning that you, and your staff, were passionate about the services you provided so you had my utmost trust. Never before had I experienced such a service and the efficient process that was shown throughout the purchase of our new home. It was your support and intervention that turned what was viewed by me as a complicated process into that of a simple one. You were always quick to return any and all questions and it seemed that no request was beyond your endless capabilities.

It was also the assistance that you so kindly gave outside of the purchase that truly indicated the depth of your kindness, commitment and the professional services you offer. You monitored and helped with the completion of the home, helped the search for household items and even the many drives to and from the airport; you were always there to help. With all this in mind I would recommend you and Second Home Turkey to anyone considering the purchase a home in the Kemer area.

Once again I cannot thank you enough for all your efforts and the kindness you gave during this purchase. Both Julie and Grant still comment on how wonderful you were and the extra attention you showed them. We looked forward to any time we can be at the new home and the exceptional time in your and Sonmez's company.

Thank you,


Peter Harrison

Subsea Technology Project, AC Power

ExxonMobil Development Company


17001 Northchase Dr.

Houston, TX 77060

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