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18.06.2010 Peter Harrison


I would like to thank you, Sonmez, and the incredible team at Second Home Turkey, for the service provided during the search and purchase of our new home in Kemer. It seems strange that through the purchase of a home such a wonderful friendship should materialize; and for this too I thank you. Your exceptional kindness and hospitality shown to me and my family are seldom seen in today's world. You and your team are a wonderful example and a true reflection of your beautiful country, hospitable people and wonderful culture.

Upon our first trip to Kemer we were attracted to the incredible beauty of this region and the kindness shown to me and my children. It was these wonderful characteristics that drew us to Kemer and the dream home you helped us find. Our home in Beycik is a place of rest and relaxation and in today's busy world this is indeed hard to find. Every time I sit on the veranda and watch the colours of the mountains change with the setting sun I thank you.

During the process of purchasing such an incredible home I came to be fully dependant on your guidance, wisdom, honest opinion and foresight. It was obvious from the beginning that you, and your staff, were passionate about the services you provided so you had my utmost trust. Never before had I experienced such a service and the efficient process that was shown throughout the purchase of our new home. It was your support and intervention that turned what was viewed by me as a complicated process into that of a simple one. You were always quick to return any and all questions and it seemed that no request was beyond your endless capabilities.

It was also the assistance that you so kindly gave outside of the purchase that truly indicated the depth of your kindness, commitment and the professional services you offer. You monitored and helped with the completion of the home, helped the search for household items and even the many drives to and from the airport; you were always there to help. With all this in mind I would recommend you and Second Home Turkey to anyone considering the purchase a home in the Kemer area.

Once again I cannot thank you enough for all your efforts and the kindness you gave during this purchase. Both Julie and Grant still comment on how wonderful you were and the extra attention you showed them. We looked forward to any time we can be at the new home and the exceptional time in your and Sonmez's company.

Thank you,


Peter Harrison

Subsea Technology Project, AC Power

ExxonMobil Development Company


17001 Northchase Dr.

Houston, TX 77060

11.06.2010 Andrea Celon


I'm an Italian man living in Sydney-Australia.

Last year I had some money to invest and I bought an apartment off the plan at the Valley Residence in Kemer.

For this purpose I found and contacted Second Home Turkey on the Internet and without the need to go to Turkey I had the opportunity to purchase the property and to do all the necessary paperwork from Sydney.

I wanted to own the appartment to go there during my holidays in summer.

Then happened that this year, just when the appartment was finished to be built, I decided to sell it and to use that money to get married to my girlfriend.

Purlen, Elif and Sonmez from Second Home Turkey assisted me in finding a new buyer and they also assisted me in the whole procedure of the sale process.

As a result, without going in Turkey at all, I was able to buy and then sell the property entirely via Internet.

This has been possible because Second Home Turkey are competent, honest and professional.

I want to thank Second Home Turkey, it has been a very positive experience doing business with them and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Second Home Turkey to anyone that wants to buy or sell a property from overseas.

Yours faithfully

Andrea Celon

08.06.2010 Mr. and Mrs. David A. Stapleton

To Whom It May Concern.

We had been thinking of a second home or holiday home somewhere for quite a while when one of our oldest (he would probably prefer longest) friends suggested we have a look in Turkey where he had a property. So off we went to Kemer where we were met by Purlen who arranged our hotel accommodation and showed us around for a couple of days. Saw some beautiful properties and no objection to us straying further afield to look at other houses in Sida. But back we came to Kemer, narrowed down to three houses and no longer a summer holiday home but a real second home that we have all fallen in love with.

As if showing us around and entertaining us wasn't enough, Purlen, Sonmez and Elif were there to help us with our local rates and other advice when we returned for our first full holiday and have now also helped us to purchase a lovely two bedroom duplex apartment outside Kemer which Elif has expertly furnished on our behalf.

We feel extremely lucky to have been introduced to all at Second Home Turkey and thank them for all their help and support in finding ourselves a real home there.

Yours faithfully,


31.05.2010 Harald Ernberg


I am a former counsellor to many Embassies of Sweden in several countries, among others the Embassy of Sweden in Turkey in Ankara during the years 1990 to 1994 incl. Together with my wife and our four children we have been moving to may new houses in many countries and of course been using real estate agencies in these countries. Thus we have quite a lot of experience of such agencies. Good and bad experiences.

When we for various reasons had to sell our house in Kemer, Turkey after eight very nice years living there we took contact with Mrs Elif Kayikcioglu of 2nd Home Turkey in Kemer. From the first meeting we were very happy with Mrs. Kayikciouglu and her staff. She and her staff have been very effective, honest, accurate and exact when talking to us and to prospective buyers of our house.

Compared with all other real estate agencies which we have been in contact with in many countries 2nd Home Turkey is definitively one of the best.

I can therefore happily and definitively recommend 2nd Home Turkey to any one looking for a nice house to buy or sell.

Bastad May 31, 2010

Harald Ernberg

Now retired from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

13.05.2010 Hanaa Alghamdi

I was thinking of buying an apartment in Antalya, I've never been to Antalya but I was planning to buy a house some place near the beach, my friend mentioned Antalya and I started searching through the internet.

I found some sites, I liked what i saw and the prices suite my budget. so I sent a couple of mails to those sites, but Purlen from 2nd home was the one who answered me so Professionally that I forgot about the others and we started emailing each other to get to what I really want.

When I arrived to Antalya I met Purlen and her husband Sonmez whom I discovered later that he's one of the owners. They were very helpful, very professional and very friendly. My mother was with me and they started treating her as their mother immediately. In two days I found the house I want. Purlen even helped me in finding a respectful solicitor and we finished everything in the same day. So the whole thing took from me 3 days. That was perfect. I forget to mention that Purlen helped also in getting me a perfect offer by which I got the furniture in the apartment I bought. Isn't that marvelous. I think I won friends for a lifetime. They even invited us for lunch twice, and I can tell, they were expensive invitations. Thank you Purlen, thank you Sonmez, you made my dream come true Hanaa Alghamdi

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